STL ! ?

STL format which is growing in importance is usually used in Texture-Based Surface Finishing.

Minute! Powered By C3CAM supports not only NURBS Surface but STL. This article provides a summary of use of STL.

Notice of Creation:

    Don’t use BINARY format. Because the size of value is fixed to float. In huge work size and high precision machining, loss of digit may be happened.
  2. Tolerance
    Be careful below parameters:
    * Maximum distance, edge to surface
    * Maximum anglePlease refer to this help.Note: Rhinoceros has good Mesher and some usuful tools. We recommend the software as Mesher.
  1. Surface Quality
    The trouble of “Nakid Edge” and “Non-Magnihold Edge” are often caused from Invalid Join and Merge between edegs.

Notice of Use:

  1. Optimization and Reduction
    Don’t do optimization and reduction. Because the tolerance is changed.