Surface Sense

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This In-Machine Measuring System enables you to establish trust in manufacturing processes.


      • Anyone can easily perform 3D in-machine measurement including 5 types of part measuring and 1 type of the design surface measuring.
      • Calibration with a reference ball is essential. Surface Sense provides calibration on the scale you need(from 10 degree splits to 90 degree splits). Ultra-high precision reference balls can also be purchased from the online store).
      • Part measurement modes provide 5 types of measurement modes: height, width, inner and outer diameter arcs, and inter-arc pitch. The report of the measurement results can be freely customized by end user.
      • In surface measure mode, you can make easily measuring paths for free curved surface.
      • The path for measurement includes measure, move, approach and escape. The movements are fullly optimized. So you can reduce vast measuring time. Also the path is kept completely safe with collision checking.

    • Support NC Controller
    • Support Probe Unit
      • Renishaw, Blum
    • Support OS
      • Windows 10/11 64bit
    • Support Hardware
      • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (Not ARM)
      • 600 MB disk space.
      • OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended.
      • 16 GB Video RAM or more recommended.
      • A Multiple-button mouse with a scroll wheel is recommended.
    • Software Dependency
      • Rhinoceros7 Windows. Rhinoceros7 is not included. (We are official reseller about Rhinoceros7. You can buy the CAD system at our online store.)
    • Note
      • There are various types about NC Controllers and Probe units in the engineering world, you know. We are trying to support the remainings. If you want to add your own controller/probe unit to this software support, please contuct us.



Synchronized 3Axis Measuring and 3D Compensation
Calibration and 3D Compensation
Part Measureing and Reporting
Safe automatic routing
Free Curved Surface Measure
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Overview | Features | Video/Gallary | How to try/buy

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