Hardware guide for CAD/CAM Users and Developers

Our standard of selection hardware for CAM/CAM operations:


  • Check the limitation of software. Ex.「OpenGL 3」「2GB GPU Memory」「DirectX 11.2」
  • Refer to detail information of recommendation well. Detail information is usually opened to public in the website of  Software vendor.
  • Rough estimate on GPU Memory(Estimation of Verticies).  Count number of maximum vertex. Ex. In 100mm x 100mm area Create line with 0.01mm pitch. Set sampling pitch to 0.01mm. The number of vertex is 100 million. Using fp32, simply amount of memory is 1.1GB.
  • Performance FP32 and FP64. Some GPU has a gap between power of FP32 and power of FP64. Generally geometrical calculation for CAM uses FP64 on not GPU but CPU. Also Minute!.
  •   Make full use of Benchmark. You should check De Facto Standard of Non-game GPU benchmark, SPECViewperf. It may take huge time and disk space to run SPECViewperf. So check this.
  • Try it, if possible. In the most case your card may be decided by SPECviewperf and a budget. You  may borrow the card from supplier.