How to buy Surface Sense

Surface Sense

You can also buy in your local currency via PayPal. Note : if you don’t have Rhinoceros7, you have to get  Rhinoceros7. USD Prices are denominated in JPY and fluctuate depending on the exchange rate. The rate includes PayPal’s currency conversion spread of 0.04%.

Rhinoceros7 (required CAD System)

Reference Ball(optional equipment for calibration)

  • Surface Sense requires accuracy sphere to make calibration. If you already have a reference ball, you don’t buy this.
  • 1 Qty, $453.67(Includes JPN-tax and shipping fee)
  • Ball diameter 25.0mm, Ball center height 118.0mm or 168.0mm
  • Includes extension bar and magnet base
  • W50mm L75mm H130.5mm/H180.5mm 1.3KG
  • image